Ideal Feroluc in Romania saves time and money with Mantis WMS LVS

Ideal Feroluc, a major distributor of furniture and upholstery accessories decided to opt for Mantis Valued Partner in Romania, Senior Software and Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) as the ideal Warehouse Management System for warehouse excellence because of the unique characteristics of true adaptability and flexibility of LVS.

December 1, 2021

After 10 years of successful presence in the Romanian market of furniture and upholstery accessories, Ideal Feroluc meets a fast-paced business expansion empowered by the company’s popular e-shop. The traditional method of warehouse management could not face Ideal Feroluc’s new challenge of accurate order fulfillment in time, top customer service and cost-effective logistics operations. The high rhythm of sales augmentation should be efficiently supported by a state-of-the-art WMS offering to the management team full control of the business.

Ideal Feroluc decided to opt for Senior Software, Mantis Valued partner in Romania and Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), Mantis’ Warehouse Management System (WMS), as the ideal logistics software suite to lead the company to warehouse excellence because of its unique characteristics of true adaptability and flexibility. The enterprise now achieves full traceability and visibility upon inventory, saving time and money by optimizing its warehouse processes.

At the same time, Ideal Feroluc, having implemented the high-performance WMS LVS in both warehouses in Bacau and Brasov, enjoys a significant increase in warehouse productivity, capable to assure sales acceleration.

Due to the automation of the workflows between storage locations, the company also optimized the picking and labeling process, overpassing obstacles that previously interrupted order execution.

“We replaced the previous (limited) software with WMS from Senior Software because we know it is a complete solution. The system accomplishes everything we needed from a WMS, plus a lot more that I didn’t think was feasible, and this is a huge benefit.”
Lucian Mariut, Administrator, Ideal Feroluc

About Ideal Feroluc

Ideal Feroluc is a company based in Bacau, specializing in the import and distribution of functional and decorative accessories for furniture, upholstery, carpentry, and joinery. The company started its activity in 2011 as a family business and currently has two warehouses in Brasov and Bacau, a retail store for furniture manufacturers and an online store.