Today e-Commerce businesses face unforeseeable challenges. How much will they grow in the following months or years? How many more inventory goods and SKU’s will they need to e-commerce? How can they accurately monitor their stock? How flawless will their order fulfillment be? How can they reduce costs from packing and parceling? How can returns not cause them headaches?

And most important when they grow will their WMS be flexible and adaptable to meet their ever-changing needs? Will their WMS meet their e-Commerce?

e-Commerce today and tomorrow needs an enterprise scale WMS with true adaptability and flexibility ready to help: Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

The know-how accumulated by Mantis in key successful implementations with very demanding requirements has allowed Mantis to gradually evolve its advanced specialized solutions for e-fulfilment centers including:

  • Warehouse management for central and regional distribution centres with built-in best practices for e-fulfilment centres resulting to optimal order fulfilment with real time inventory monitoring.
  • Warehouse automation solutions adapted to the needs of e-fulfilment centres such as Pick to Light, Pick to Cart and especially Sort to Light that is singular for such operations. Additional automation solutions could also be utilized for small-size articles such as Miniloads, Carousels / Shuttles, etc.).
  • Parcel and LTL management enables order fulfilment and shipping to blend together as one process to leverage cost reduction, improved control and better customer services.
  • In-store e-fulfilment solution combines the typical WMS in-store functions with the e-commerce requirements that integrate each store in the company’s e-commerce channel.

LVS Unique Features

  • Smart Logistics Attributes
    facilitate zero-code integration of requirements, easy set up and upgrade
  • Unbeatable Adjustability
    empowered by unlimited number of pack types and location multi-tenancy
  • Visual Scenario Builder
    for algorithms’ creation
  • Unique Adaptability Toolkit
    for effective adaptation of new business needs with zero-code integration
  • Full Integration
    with warehouse equipment and materials handling automation systems
  • Picking + Put Away technology integration
    (Voice Picking, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall, Pick-to-Cart, RFID, Smart Glasses)
  • 2-Level Item Inventory
    Accommodate multiple order fulfillment scenarios utilizing either soft or hard stock allocation for order demands

Reference projects