Parcel Management

Parcel Management provides the integration of the shipping-through-carriers process with warehouse operations, thus order fulfilment and shipping blend together as one process. This results to cost reduction, improved control and better customer services are accomplished by streamlining the process of domestic & international shipping manifestation, shipping label & report printing and shipment tracking. It supports the following main features:

  • Carriers and Integrators: It accommodates both carriers and integrators for the shipping process. Multiple carriers & integrators are supported.
  • Shipment Manifestation: The primary purpose of the shipment manifest entity is to facilitate the carrier manifestation process through automated interfaces with the carrier or integrator by retaining all necessary information regarding the shipping process – carrier, service level, accessorial etc. It also accommodates the integration of shipment manifestation in order fulfillment process powered by Mantis’ WMS system.
  • Printing Shipping Labels & Documents: It can print labels – shipping or return – & shipping documents – Certificate of origin, NAFTA certificate of origin, commercial invoice etc. – for shipment manifests either through the carrier or integrator interface method or through pre-designed templates.
  • Address Validation: It is mandatory for the destination address of a shipment manifest to be correct, for delivering a shipment successfully and avoiding any extra charges for address correction by the carrier or even failure to deliver the shipment.
  • Track & Trace: It can retain detailed tracking information for each shipment utilizing carrier’s or integrator’s corresponding interface method, thus providing better delivery status visibility of shipments to customer service.
  • Historical Data: It retains transaction log for auditing purposes.

Carriers and Integrators