Freightworks a major 3PL/4PL in Dubai, increases its warehouse revenue with Logistics Vision Suite

Freightworks is a 45 years experienced logistics provider specialized in 3PL, 4PL and Freight Forwarding services.

Freightworks is owned by one of the world’s largest air services provider, offering ground handling, cargo, catering, and travel services worldwide, with presence of more than 40 years in MEA region.

Their lean organization ensures customer satisfaction by being close to the customers and their needs.

Freightworks is a proud member of WACO group, a network of independent freight management operating in more than 400 locations worldwide.

Today Freightworks is servicing more than 60 warehousing, 3PL + 4PL clients / depositors with the largest one being a world leading airline, where it caters all SKUS served on board with the only exception of food.

The company owns five warehouses across Dubai in strategic locations with nearly 40,000 pallet positions and yard spaces. Their extensive network of carefully selected business partners and committed work force have taken the company far ahead, combining all the benefits of in-depth local knowledge with true global expertise.

The operations in Dubai cater all modes of international and domestic transportation through dedicated facilities in Umm Ramool, Dubai Airport Cargo village, Dubai Airport Free Zone and Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The Umm Ramool facility includes a private bonded warehouse in Dubai which features state-of-the-art logistics facility with the latest software systems and modern storage and handling equipment.

Freightworks selected Rubicon Logistics Solutions, Mantis partner in the region to implement Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) WMS as part of its overall vision for continuous growth.

LVS implementation in Freightworks is up and running for more than a year now. Freightworks has seen significant improvement in efficiency, productivity, and overall warehouse operations. They have optimized the operations in several different areas because Mantis LVS WMS is easy to use without compromising the core WMS activities, thus providing excellent end-results.

With LVS, Freightworks has optimized the receiving process, which now allows the alignment of process flow and actual requirement, warehouse design, specific end customer requirements, VNA operations, space availability and many more.

A drastic improvement in the outbound process has been achieved, as LVS provides many options to the optimization of processes with efficient order creation and automatic allocation, even when multiple rules are defined as per the end customer requirements. Moreover, LVS offered options to combine picking lists and tasks while the touch screen packing station module eases the complicated outbound schedules.

Through Mantis LVS Billing Module, Freightworks captures all the elements of a 3PL/4PL tasks which have various permutations and combinations involved. All billing scenarios are captured precisely by LVS.

Ever since LVS was implemented and considering the company’s drive for success, Freightworks has seen a terrific increase in warehouse revenue.

“Our previous WMS, which was part of our main ERP system, had some WMS functionalities, but only after implementing Mantis LVS WMS we realized the difference of what a core WMS can bring. Mantis LVS rightfully stands with the top of the line in WMS systems. One of our biggest improvements is the amount of data entries that has been reduced through Mantis LVS. Also, there are multiple interfaces that can be created by our business team to have excel uploads and the interfacing capabilities of Mantis is second to none.”
Mr. Ahmed Niyas, Head of IT, Freightworks