Mantis, established in 1996, is a leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins. With 9 offices and many qualified partners, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Europe, North & Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific.

At the beginning of 2022 Mantis merged with Logistics IT specialist ecovium, a leading provider of SCE software and hardware solutions for Supply Chain processes. German-headquartered ecovium and Mantis join forces to offer integrated, state-of-the-art Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions on an international level by combining platforms for TMS, shipping, customs and WMS. The transaction was supported by FSN Capital Partners, a leading Northern European private equity firm and advisor to the FSN Capital Funds.

Mantis‘ flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is probably the only WMS / logistics software suite in the world that can be easily adapted for companies with sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations. Its design represents a great leap in WMS / logistics technology, offering unique adaptability & outstanding upgradeability.

It enables professionals of Mantis and its partner network, to easily configure and roll-out it to multi-site operations (and multi-client in case of 3PLs) thus sharply decreasing the initial project time and costs. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art architecture and upgradeability allows painless upgrades and cost-effective on-going support. Finally, it allows 3PLs and other customers with internal IT resources to “self-serve” themselves covering even for the most complex of their warehousing & distribution processes, enabling them to respond fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatable low multi-year TCO.

More than 700 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major industries (3PL, Retail, Wholesale / Distribution & Manufacturing) and selling channels (traditional & multichannel e-commerce) rely on LVS to run and optimize their logistics operations. LVS customers spread across many vertical markets, such as Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals + H&B + Medical, Grocery Chains, ICT + Appliances + Electronics, Construction Materials, Home Improvement, Tools + Industrial Equipment, Tobacco, Spare Parts & Accessories, Books + Office Supplies, Electro-Technical & Cables, etc.

LVS has been successfully integrated with most global ERPs (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle) as well as with a plethora of local and regional ones (IFS, Iptor, etc).

Extended WMS capabilities

LVS goes well beyond the management of the warehouse, offering extended capabilities such as value added services, kitting, light assembly / manufacturing, yard management & dock appointments / scheduling, logistics customer / partner service portals, parcel & LTL management, centralized control of central / regional DCs, hubs and retail stores, visualization tools for manual and automated warehouse activities, flexible 3PL billing & costing, vehicle routing system, proof of delivery, comprehensive traceability management and powerful warehouse analytics.

Warehouse automation

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for warehouse automation, especially when combined with e-commerce.

Mantis is among the very few WMS vendors who has the experience and the solutions to support its customers in these tough times with proven and tight integration with a plethora of warehouse automation systems because the company is successfully doing so in many vertical markets for 13+ years now (ICT, Pharma, H&B, Spare Parts & Accessories, Apparel & Footwear, etc.).

In particular, Mantis has tightly integrated its LVS with flexible and affordable automations such as Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light, Put-Walls / Sort-to-Light, Smart Pick Carts, Smart Glasses, RFID, etc. using advanced proprietary technology (WCS, Mobile App Servers, etc.) that significantly enhance automations’ overall performance, while at the same time minimizes costs due to the elimination of any relevant 3rd party control software. Furthermore, the company offers its own advanced (embedded in LVS) WCS to integrate with Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) such as Shuttles, Carousels, Mini-Loads, Mobile Selves & AGV-like robotics, Sorters, Packing line systems, etc. All such Mantis proprietary technologies are tightly integrated with its (embedded in LVS) Warehouse Execution System (WES) that orchestrates the manual and automated operations and utilizes advanced put-away, replenishment, pre-cubing, picking, sorting and other algorithms.

Warehouse Optimization

The platform’s architecture and tools allow the optimization of the warehouse operations in real-time through task interleaving, task optimization, slotting optimization, labor management, inventory optimization, etc.

In order to strengthen its warehouse optimization offering as well as its presence in North America, Mantis acquired in 2018, Insight GT, Inc., an international Slotting & warehouse optimization software vendor headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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