Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou achieved two e-volution awards regarding the e-Fulfillment Center of Public MediaMarkt (PMM)

The pioneer solution and the implementation of Mantis WMS for PMM, the first e-commerce retailer in Greece, in the warehouses of Orphee Beinoglou, won two top awards at the e-volution Awards 2022.

December 16, 2021

The jury of 51 acclaimed representatives of companies and organizations awarded the project participants in a magnificent ceremony at a central hotel in Athens which was attended by more than 500 market executives.

The centralized, high automated e-Fulfillment Center of the PMM group that operates in the facilities of Orphee Beinoglou with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Mantis, Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), was awarded with the GOLD Award in the category of Operations & Back Office and the SILVER Award in the category of Technological Innovation, from the well-known institution of e-volution Awards 2022 that was organized this year, for the 11th year, and awarded the protagonists of e-Commerce in Greece.

Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou have formed a long-term co-operation, with WMS – Logistics Vision to successfully support the operation of the Distribution Centers of the 3PL that maintains a leading position in the Greek market of Freight Forwarding and Logistics.

The centralized e-fulfillment center of PMM in Orphee Beinoglou warehouses runs on Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite and totally responds to the great challenge of the rapid growth of PMM and the vertical rise of e-Commerce sales in B2B and B2C channels, within the pandemic of Covid-19. This fact, combined with the increased seasonality and the successive promotional campaigns, brought about a leaping increase in the daily volume of orders and the urgent need for optimization with automations for all logistics processes.

Therefore, in a short period of time and with the constantly changing restrictions imposed by the Greek State to confine the pandemic, the centralized e-fulfillment center had to succeed:

  • Increase of the speed of orders execution
  • Increase of productivity and flexibility
  • Reduction of management errors in collection
  • Reduction of the warehouse operational costs
  • Control and transparency in real time
  • Maximum utilization of existing storage space

The above goals have been fulfilled to the fullest through the state-of-the-art integrated technology WMSsolution adapted and implemented by the Mantis team of experts. An effective combination of Mantis LVSintegrated with automations was adopted, starting from the Put Wall (Sort to Light with Lights from Pick to Light Systems) technology that was placed for the sorting of large quantities for both stores (B2B) and e-shop customers (B2C). For the smaller quantities, LVS drives a cross-belt sorter solution by Kinematic, while Conveyor Belts were installed to circulate the boxes between different floors.

“Together with our Mantis partners (WMS) and Orphee Beinoglou (LSP), we have implemented several automations in our new warehouse, such as put-to-light systems (Put Wall), a cross-belt sorter and more efficient ways of batching orders. This is indeed a great upgrade of the store delivery process and faster delivery towards our customers. Thank you, Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou for the continued partnership!”
Olaf van den Brink, Chief Operating Officer, PMM

“We partner with Mantis through a friendly relationship for many years now, operating their WMS LVS in our warehouses. Our co-operation for the PMM e-Fulfillment Center is the culmination of this relationship and we already enjoy the great benefits of both; Us as 3PL and our client / depositor, PMM. Thank you, Mantis, for the fantastic experience!”
Grigoris Mimilidis, Development & Engineering Director, Orphee Beinoglou

“The PMM’s e-Fulfillment Center project in Orphee Beinoglou seals Mantis’ technological innovation and e-commerce leadership. We will continue to evolve to be one step ahead and meet the new, changing needs of our customers and their clients / depositors. A warm thank you to Orphee Beinoglou and PMM for the excellent co-operation.”
Akis Zaimis, Senior Business Analyst, Mantis

About PMM

PMM is a platform-based business with physical locations operating in Greece and in Cyprus. It is #1 Greek e-Commerce retailer and #1 omnichannel retailer in household / consumer electrical, electronic and entertainment products. It consists of two distinct brands, Public and MediaMarkt, following a merger in December 2019 which gave Public a 75% stake and MediaMarkt a 25% stake. Through its marketplace, the 1st and largest marketplace – the only platform of its kind in Greece – the company has grown to a truly digital company, aggressively harnessing technology to better serve its customers.

About Orphee Beinoglou

Orphee Beinoglou Group is the leading freight forwarder and logistics provider in Greece with subsidiaries in the Balkan States and the Eastern Mediterranean region. Trading since 1923, Orphee Beinoglou consistently provides the highest standards and quality services, with full commitment to the customer’s needs. Under the brand name OR.B.I.T. (Orphee Beinoglou International Transports), the Group offers a full range of logistics and freight transport services within every country that operates directly.