Mantis ensures top warehouse performance with sorter integration at Transcombi Express

Transcombi Express, a historic 3PL in Greece, achieves fast and accurate order fulfillment by implementing a modern sorting system in full and seamless integration with Mantis‘ award-winning WMS Logistics Vision Suite/ LVS, reconfirming, this way, the long-lasting partnership between the two companies.

June 7, 2024

Established in 1986, Transcombi Express is a family-owned company and a prominent player in the Greek logistics and freight forwarding industry with services that include storage and distribution, international and intermodal transport. The company primarily serves industries such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, packaging, and industrial products. It operates significant distribution centers near Athens, Aspropyrgos and Oinofita.

Transcombi Express has maintained a long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Mantis. The Mantis WMS / logistics software LVS has empowered the company over the years, enabling it to meet its clients’ constantly evolving needs successfully and, moreover, rapidly and efficiently onboard new clients / depositors.

Transcombi Express is an ambassador of Mantis and LVS and its unique advantages of adaptability, flexibility and scalability as the company witnesses, constant, high warehouse productivity. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the 3PLs, LVS offers extended capabilities such as value-added services, comprehensive traceability management, billing and costing management etc., enabling Transcombi Expressto provide a very high customer service level. The main reasons for continued partnership with Mantis over the years include Mantis’ high-quality consulting services and reliable after-sales technical support.

To automate its order fulfillment process, Transcombi Express installed a modern sorting system and trusted Mantis’ enhanced, long-term knowledge and experience for the seamless integration of WMS LVS with this Automated Materials Handling System.

The sorting system has 19 order fulfillment exits and 2 rejection exits. Each exit is equipped with a monitor connected to the Mantis WMS so that users can monitor the flow of the order lines and track the progress of the orders. LVS generates and sends group / batch-picking lists to the sorter. The sorting can be executed per order, point of delivery, or zone routing. The sorter’s handling capacity reaches 2,000 boxes or items per hour.

Shortly after the implementation, Transcombi Express achieved:

  • Duplication productivity in the sorting process.
  • Increase sorting process speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Increase order speed and accuracy.
  • Increase overall warehouse productivity.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Daily workflow optimization.

Transcombi Express strongly advocates digitalizing logistics and maintains a long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Mantis. Our WMS technology partner once again effectively supported our high demands. Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) seamlessly integrated the sorting system, enabling us to deliver a high customer service level. We are excited about the potential of similar successful projects in the future.”
Stelios Kapetanakis, General Manager, Transcombi Express