Exploit Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for Tobacco Industry and take advantage of its exceptional characteristics

Warehouse productivity

Find your ideal match for your Tobacco goods which are fast moving, high value products requiring warehouse management with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Your orders must be executed perfectly, therefore you need to optimize your daily warehouse operations with adaptability and flexibility, following easy processes, with fast and solid integration of your WMS with automations and other systems. Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) enables order processing optimization with numerous picking options, improving the total warehouse productivity, while keeping low TCO.

Serialization & Traceability

Enhance your ability to fully and accurately track and trace unique serial numbers from master case to pack level getting aligned with demanding serialization legislation. Take 100% control of outbound and reverse logistics operations and prolong the value of your goods, re-directing still saleable packs to the market.

Customs & tax compliance

Tobacco industry includes complex customs declarations procedures and tax stamping processes which drive bonded warehousing activities. Choose an adaptable WMS, capable to support the required configuration, for your business needs.


Complete Nested Hierarchy

Perfect controlling of unique serial numbers from master case down to pack level

Βonded Warehousing – Tobacco Declarations Procedures

Complying with customs regulations

Returns Processing and Sorting

Reverse logistics optimization


Tax Stamping

Guarantee of tax compliance

Re-packing / Serialized trade item (SGTIN) Global Labelling

Full exploitation of still saleable packs

Automations Integration and Advanced Picking Methods (Pick-to-Light, Pick-to-Cart etc.)

Optimizing order execution processes


Full Track & Trace according to Serialization Regulations

Ensure compliance, increase your competitive advantages

Batch Management, Expiration Dates Monitoring

Safeguard your tobacco product maintain their market value

Supporting High Tech Barcode Solutions (2D, dot, etc.)

Safekeeping traceability procedures

Warehouse Intelligence

Visibility excellence

Stock Level Monitoring

Ensuring inventory safety levels

LVS Unique Features

  • Smart Logistics Attributes
    facilitate zero-code integration of requirements, easy set up and upgrade
  • Unbeatable Adjustability
    empowered by unlimited number of pack types and location multi-tenancy
  • Visual Scenario Builder
    for algorithms’ creation
  • Unique Adaptability Toolkit
    for effective adaptation of new business needs with zero-code integration
  • Full Integration
    with warehouse equipment and materials handling automation systems
  • Picking + Put Away technology integration
    (Voice Picking, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall, Pick-to-Cart, RFID, Smart Glasses)
  • 2-Level Item Inventory
    Accommodate multiple order fulfillment scenarios utilizing either soft or hard stock allocation for order demands

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