Multi-channel Retail

Retail today is much more than selling in store and paying over the counter. Delivering to the consumer and achieving high levels of customer service, has become more complex due to multi-channel architecture, e-Commerce growth and value-added services offered to consumers.

A strong technology platform is therefore absolutely needed in order for your company to keep pace with consumers high demands and retain -or even increase- market share.

Any kind of picking method, so many automations options and packaging measured to your needs

  • Multi Channel
    e-commerece ready WMS
  • Multi Tenancy
    Maximize utilization of human resources and optimize space utilization
  • Trade Promotions, Displays Management, Rre-packing & Labelling
    Effective support of sales & marketing initiatives
  • Pre-cubing, Pick & Pack
    Packaging optimized according to your needs
  • Traceability Upstream & Downstream Management / Recalls Accuracy
    Ensuring Compliance
  • Parcel and LTL Management
    Fulfilling consumers’ ordering per item with ease. Be ready for urban logistics and e-commerce
  • Proof of Delivery
    Certifying deliveries, reduce friction, eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Cash on Delivery
    Enable more sales while supporting cash flow
  • e-Commerce Order Processing
    Increase e-Commerce sales
  • Seasonality Handling
    Ensuring products availability during all the retail season waves
  • ABC Analysis
    Faster orders preparation with your fast moving products closer

LVS Unique Features

  • Smart Logistics Attributes
    facilitate zero-code integration of requirements, easy set up and upgrade
  • Unbeatable Adjustability
    empowered by unlimited number of pack types and location multi-tenancy
  • Visual Scenario Builder
    for algorithms’ creation
  • Unique Adaptability Toolkit
    for effective adaptation of new business needs with zero-code integration
  • Full Integration
    with warehouse equipment and materials handling automation systems
  • Picking + Put Away technology integration
    (Voice Picking, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall, Pick-to-Cart, RFID, Smart Glasses)
  • 2-Level Item Inventory
    Accommodate multiple order fulfillment scenarios utilizing either soft or hard stock allocation for order demands

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