Spitishop, the dominant e-shop of homeware in Greece, provides unbeatable service level to its customers with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Spitishop was the first in Greece to introduce online shopping of homeware products 11 years ago. Today, it continues to be the most powerful e-retailer of the sector, enabling consumers to equip their home (“spiti” in the Greek language) with dreamy homeware goods thanks to a wide range of modern, high quality and value for money products. The company offers -often at great discounts- about 35,000 SKUs in linen, fabrics, lighting, small furniture, baby products and decorative items. Spitishop represents more than 50 globally known brands such as NEF NEF, Kentia, Nima, Gofis Home, Downtown, Das Home, Ravelia, Inart, Espiel, Lorena Canals, Baby Oliver, Suavinex, Elodie Details, etc. “Serving the wishes of our customers” is the motto of the honored for 8 successive years with e-commerce awards company, that aims to always deliver outstanding service level, through its e-shop and its brick-and-mortar network of stores, daily, powered by the distribution center of the company in Athens.

Today, the distribution center of Spitishop delivers approximately 40,000 orders per month all over Greece. However, the fast-paced increase of e-commerce, also due to the pandemic outbreak, represents a challenge and an opportunity for the management team of Spitishop, which strongly believes in the adoption of the best-of-breed logistics technology solutions as the only way to guarantee a high customer experience and sales growth.

Spitishop recently decided to go for Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), because it is a reliable international Warehouse Management System (WMS) with proven results for high levels of productivity, order fulfillment accuracy and fast Return on Investment (ROI). LVS was also selected because of its exceptional benefits of true adaptability and outstanding flexibility, ensuring the top performance SpitiShop demands.

Mantis’ LVS meets in the best way, the requirements of Spitishop for the fast and accurate fulfillment of e-orders that multiply day by day. The solution includes smart and affordable warehouse automations, capable of driving order execution to operational excellence by restraining, at the same time, the total cost of ownership; Put-Wall (sort to light) and touch screen packing stations as well as Light directed Pick-to-Cart (Smart Cart), are selected to elevate the performance of picking and packing and radically eliminate errors while at the same time enhancing order accuracy.

“Our goal is to continue to serve our customers at an unbeatable level and to further grow the most complete e-shop of homeware in Greece, constantly enriching our thematic categories with new, branded products. Mantis is our strategic partner, that we trust for safeguarding our targeted and highly productive logistics operation and an irreplaceable ally on the road to our future endeavors”.
Marios Bezioulas, Managing Director, Spitishop