Vitacom Electronics multiplies warehouse productivity with WMS LVS by Mantis

Vitacom Electronics, a leading Romanian distributor of electronic products and accessories with an international presence, made a significant investment in automated materials handling systems including Autostore AS/RS, which are being optimized to their fullest potential under the exceptional orchestration of Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

October 27, 2023

Vitacom operates in the highly competitive electronics and ICT industry, with a portfolio of over 100 global brands and approximately 12,000 SKUs. With sales growth further boosted by the B2B e-commerce channel, Vitacom Electronics is determined to achieve perfect order fulfillment and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction for its clients.

To effectively address market challenges, Vitacom Electronics decided to relocate to a new Logistics Center in Cluj, Romania that is more than double the size of its previous one. This new facility also functions as the company’s headquarters. To support this move, Vitacom Electronics invested heavily in Mantis’ Warehouse Management System and Logistics Solutions, which included the implementation of the award-winning international WMS / Logistics software LVS, alongside the integration and orchestration of the Autostore AS/RS system (Automated Storage & Retrieval System), conveyors and a VNA truck (Very Narrow Aisled).

The project was successfully implemented by Mantis’ valued partner in Romania, Senior Software.

Vitacom Electronics went for Mantis WMS LVS to streamline its warehouse operations, covering all operations from receiving to shipping. This decision was based on the software’s adaptability, flexibility, and scalability, which can accommodate the company’s evolving requirements and provide multiple development options.

With extensive experience in implementing WMS and intralogistics automation projects in the Electronics and ICT sector, LVS meets the specific requirements of electronic goods warehousing such as serial number tracking and monitoring, automated Kitting and Assembly processes, Stock Aging management, Parcel & LTL management, etc. On top of this, Vitacom Electronics introduced the Touch Screen Multipurpose Packing Station, directed by Mantis WMS LVS, to optimize its packing process.

At Vitacom, Autostore AS/RS, an innovative automation system that does not require lanes between storage positions since robots retrieve and transport the containers from above, is seamlessly orchestrated by the Mantis module LVS-WCS AMHS Server (LVS – Warehouse Control System, Automated Materials Handling Server): a high-performance module that natively integrates Materials Handling Equipment / MHE, without the need for middleware software. LVS-WCS AMHS Server also orchestrated conveyors and the VNA Truck, which optimizes the available space by reducing the work aisles.

Vitacom Electronics experienced significant benefits:

  • Increase in order processing capacity up to 10 times!
  • Increase in storage capacity up to 8-10 times!
  • Seamless stock visibility
  • Improved order accuracy
  • High increase in warehouse productivity
  • Faster, automated picking and packing process
  • Elimination of errors

“All processes in the logistics center are very stable and extremely precise. I wouldn’t change anything in the solutions I implemented, and I think that, if I had to choose another solution today, I wouldn’t have something better. Given that we can increase our logistics activity 8-10 times, this technology offers at least 10 years of stability. It is also very important that through these applications, we can answer future market requirements.”
Vasile Andrei Vita, General Manager, Vitacom Electronics

About Vitacom Electronics

Established in 1991, Vitacom Electronics is a top distributor of electronic products and accessories in Romania. They represent more than 100 international brands and provide an extensive selection of products, such as phones, tablets, household appliances, spare parts, security and home automation systems, power sources, audio and video products, gaming accessories, etc.