Synferri, a Greek home improvement e-retailer, aims to fully cover its customers’ needs by implementing LVS

Synferri, established in 1992, is a retail chain of household and decoration goods based in Patras. The company offers a wide spectrum of products addressing the needs of its customers with modern and complete household solutions offering at the same time affordable prices. Apart from household and decoration goods, the collection of Synferri varies from hygiene products and pet care products to seasonal goods.

Synferri operates three physical mega-stores in Patras and it serves its loyal clientele via an attractive e-shop. The e-commerce sales of Synferri have tremendously increased due to the pandemic of Covid-19. This business growth, as well as future plans, compelled the company to invest in a robust and adaptable Warehouse Management System (WMS), capable to fulfilled company’s elevated e-commerce business goals.

The management team of Synferri decided to go for Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in order to optimize its warehouse operations and processes, to increase its productivity and order fulfillment rates, reducing the human errors at the same time. Logistics Vision Suite is deployed in the central warehouse in Patras, enhancing the company’s e-commerce all over Greece from the very beginning.

Flow Management amongst suppliers, central warehouse, and stores, is substantially improved by Mantis LVS, which in addition achieved:

  • Effective inventory control through smart exploitation of warehouse space.
  • Stock accuracy all over the warehouse, which guarantees excellent customer service for online orders.
  • Reliable inbound process and storage at the best location.
  • Fast and flawless order execution.
  • Impressive productivity increase and simultaneously, notable reduction of errors.

Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis offers to us a great competitive advantage, by optimizing our warehouse processes and upgrading our technological infrastructure, two factors that lead to even better levels of customer service while at the same time it complies with our sales growth goals.”
Spyros Giannopoulos, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Synferri