Premier LogiTech Success Story

Premier Logitech needed a WMS provider that could provide better functionality, stability, productivity and scalability. The company selected Mantis for its adaptability, advanced functions, and accessibility.


The third-party logistics (3PL) industry has seen substantial growth over the past fifteen years. Premier LogiTech was founded in 2007 in response to an unmet need in this space. Existing 3PL solution providers did not offer comprehensive technology solutions. This resulted in wasted time and resources, inconsistent quality, and other challenges for shipping and logistics companies.

Today, Premier offers a complete technology solution and propels its clients toward greater success. The company boasts a 380,000 square foot operational facility and helps ship over 1.5 million units of inventory per month. In addition, Premier is growing rapidly, both organically and through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Client Challenge

By 2018, Premier was experiencing substantial growth. At the time, it was using a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that was not meeting their needs. This particular cloud-based WMS also had many stability issues which inhibited productivity.

Premier’s existing system was also too limited in functionality and Premier was unable to make needed improvements. In addition, any requests for changes from the vendor were costly and time-consuming to complete. These challenges led the company to seek out a better WMS solution.

Since Premier works with many different types of companies, it required a more adaptable, advanced, and accessible WMS that could support its growth. The company attempted to create a custom in-house solution to help mitigate these challenges and issues, but it became too time-consuming and difficult. Premier realized they needed a stronger, more flexible partner and system that would be able to support its needs.

After searching and reviewing different WMS vendors, Premier narrowed it down to Mantis and one other WMS provider. The Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) from Mantis, a Tier 1 WMS provider, was ultimately selected due to the number of features it provides, its scalability, and its transparent and attractive pricing.


Mantis is capable of implementing its LVS platform in a few days to 6 months, depending on the warehouse’s complexity or the integration with MHE. With Premier, it was determined that a WMS solution adapted to their warehouse operations would be most beneficial in meeting their needs. At the same time, Premier encountered internal IT staffing challenges, which could have stalled the implementation process further. Dedication from the very experienced Premier and Mantis teams enabled the implementation to be completed on time and on scope. Mantis did the bulk of the heavy lifting and only required internal support from a handful of resources at Premier.


Once LVS from Mantis was fully implemented, Premier was able to onboard new clients with very different business needs (from industries such as health care and electronics) in a very short timeframe.

Apart from the core LVS solution, Premier Logitech also deployed several other modules, including:

  • Warehouse Vision
  • Traceability
  • Warehouse Value
  • Warehouse Control
  • Warehouse Intelligence
  • Logistics Billing
  • Adaptability
  • Parcel Management

These modules provided additional benefits and value-added services, such as billing and cost management, labeling, packing and checking, kitting, light manufacturing, upstream and downstream traceability, operational alerts, and more.

With LVS, Premier now has much greater inventory accuracy (over 90%) and faster turnaround time with fewer resources required. Mantis has also assisted in several demos to Premier’s prospects, which played a significant role in Premier gaining more clients.

Anthony Gelat, Business Relationship Manager at Premier LogiTech stated, “The nature of our business and the services we offer require a powerful WMS solution. There are a lot of moving parts, literally, to our day-to-day operations. Mantis and its LVS solution have been a game-changer for us and have played a pivotal role in improving our productivity and helping us achieve greater growth.”