Silco selects Mantis and implements WMS LVS in its Logistics Center

Silco, one of Israel’s largest importers and distributors of disposable and packaging solutions, partners with Mantis and implements Logistics Vision Suite to streamline and optimize its warehouse operations.

March 7, 2024

Silco manages a range of about 2,000 quality disposable products, including a wide range of perishable products tailored to customer needs such as packaging products, cups, cutlery, storage containers, napkins, etc., distributed to about 3,000 customers in restaurants, cafes, catering companies and hotels throughout Israel.

The business growth as well as the customers’ demanding requirements for an even higher customer service level, urged Silco to invest in Warehouse Management (WMS) technology as the only way to address its market’s emerging needs. To do so, Silco chose to inaugurate a strategic partnership with Mantis, an international leader in the WMS market, with a strong client base and a proven track record of successful WMS implementations.

The company trusted the Mantis Israel team of experts for the implementation of the Mantis WMS, LVS which represents a great leap in WMS/logistics technology, offering enterprise-scale true adaptability and flexibility.

Silco, has now the opportunity to better overview its entire storage space and achieve maximum space utilization. The company’s Logistics Centre reaches high levels of order accuracy due to the streamlining of the picking process and all inbound and outbound warehouse operations are optimized leading to a great increase in warehouse productivity.

About Silco

Silco is one of the largest importers of disposable and packaging solutions in Israel. Silco represents many world-leading companies including Solo Cup, Pactiv, Dart, Huhtamaki, Fabri-Kal, Duro, Genpak, Paccor, Amhil, International Paper and more. In 2010, Silco was acquired by BUNZL, a large international group operating in 31 countries with more than 300 companies and a turnover of over £10 billion.