AW2 provides customized, 3PL solutions to the United States Midwest & West with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

March 2, 2020

AW2 is a family owned and operated 3PL organization providing leading edge warehouse, crating, distribution and transportation services to the Midwest and Western United States. AW2 Logistics has the proven experience, for over 50 years has been providing supply chain solutions to the healthcare, manufacturing and retail business.

AW2 is a division of Ace Worldwide Group of Companies. Its largest distribution facility is in the Midwest, with direct final mile access to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay a key business market in the nation.

The organization has offered its services to large multinational clients from their multiple DC’s throughout the U.S. Over the past few years has expanded their growth to the Western United States with facilities located in key markets Anaheim, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

AW2 provides their clients with visibility and flexibility through technology solutions, which in turn creates long lasting partnerships. In the past, GE Healthcare has awarded the organization as the logistics supplier of the year.

With a target of becoming more flexible, faster, better and smarter, AW2 has chosen to implement Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis expecting that LVS will help them minimize the errors during order picking, manage inventory with accuracy, and deliver premium services for customers and partners by providing improved traceability and visibility.

"We performed a very comprehensive solution search in the marketplace and in the end the obvious partner was LVS by Mantis. The functionality and the flexibility of the platform combined with the ease of use has great applications to improve logistics outcomes for our top customers and prospects. We are excited to engage a new generation of customers due to our new technology platform Mantis LVS."
Mark Zeidler, President, AW2 Logistics.