BakeArt a leader distributor of frozen goods in Cyprus entrusts Logistics Vision Suite for its new customers

September 19, 2014

BakeArt distributes frozen pastry products to many outlets countrywide, including but not limited to bakeries, supermarkets and hotels. It has a high number of product lines and numerous orders per day and so the ability to have high selectivity with good utilization of storage volume was a target.

Since its computerization a few years ago with Logistics Vision Suite and Fleet Vision - GPS Tracking from Mantis Cyprus, BakeArt has expanded its Warehousing facilities with new Cold Storage areas and latest technology "moving storage system" thus was also able to be a Logistics Service Provider both regarding cool cargo storage and distribution areas.

Now Bakeart has an even more increased number of product lines and numerous orders per day and so the ability to have 100% precision is of paramount importance.

BakeArt selected Mantis Cyprus once again to implement Logistics Vision Suite for all the company's new depositors - customers. The company selected Logistics Vision Suite based first on their great experience of Logistics Vision Suite and of Mantis in general, but also because of Mantis' deep experience in handling cool cargo storage.

Logistics Vision Suite was also integrated with Material Handling Automations such as Mobile Racking System by SSI-Schaefer.

Mantis Cyprus implemented between 2013 and 2014, several depositors some indicative being LiDL, Tsokkos Hotels, KFC.