Perfume Unlimited attracts success with Mantis WMS LVS

Perfume Unlimited, a top wholesaler and distributor of luxury cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products in the United Arab Emirates, has implemented the Mantis top warehouse management system (WMS) LVS in its new, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Dubai, to optimize logistics operations and effectively manage warehouse automations.

February 12, 2024

Perfume Unlimited is a leading wholesaler and distributor of luxury fragrances, skincare, haircare, candles, and makeup products. The company, founded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), represents an extensive portfolio of over 950 brands, including Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Tom Ford.

Perfume Unlimited has a strong presence across multiple sales channels. It supplies most of the retail chains, hypermarkets, and wholesalers in the UAE. Additionally, it exports its products to over 75 countries and sells its luxury items through e-commerce marketplaces. All sales channels are served by the company’s new central warehouse, which covers 10,000 square meters and operates 24/7 in three shifts. The warehouse is located in Dubai Investment Park.

To meet its customers’ requirements for fast and accurate deliveries, Perfume Unlimited needs to use various picking and replenishment methods for items, boxes and pallets and follow simultaneous order execution processes per sales channel including domestic, exports and e-commerce. Therefore, a crucial necessity was a robust Warehouse Management System that can streamline and automate the entire warehouse operations, supporting the company’s current and future needs.

Perfume Unlimited has chosen Mantis WMS LVS, an established international warehouse management software, to meet their specific requirements. Mantis WMS LVS proved to be the perfect fit thanks to its exceptional adaptability, flexibility, and upgradeability advantages.

The award-winning WMS LVS, seamlessly integrated with the globally implemented ERP of Perfume Unlimited, optimized all warehouse operations and efficiently orchestrated automated picking.

The Mantis Cyprus team of experts successfully implemented the project and provided consulting services to adapt the technology solutions to the company’s specific needs.

Mantis introduced a high-performance light-directed automation solution, ideal for the B2B and e-commerce business environments where Perfume Unlimited is activated. The company benefits from Mantis LVS Warehouse Control System (WCS) Lights Server, a powerful, highly configurable platform that is natively integrated with the Put Wall (sort-to-light) of the warehouse, operating in 160 slots, and seamlessly orchestrates the picking process, eliminating the need for third-party middleware software. A light indication is also applied to notify of completed orders, followed by automated printing of packing labels. Thanks to its proprietary technology, Mantis LVS WCS Lights Server, drastically improves the overall warehouse productivity.

Perfume Unlimited warehouse is also equipped with SSI Schaefer conveyors and sorters, as well as 4 new VNAs, all driven by the configurable and of a multi-threading design Mantis WMS LVS WCS AMHS (Automated Materials Handling Server), enabling the company to fully exploit the potential of its materials handling automations and achieve best warehouse performance.

Mantis WMS software uses advanced algorithms to direct put-away on the mezzanine zones of 14,000 item picking slots in total, whereas weight stations have been installed for validation before sending totes to picking stations.

Mantis’ flagship WMS LVS has automated the packing process by using a multi-purpose packing station equipped with touch-screen technology to meet the requirements of e-commerce. The re-packing process has also been streamlined to address the specific demands of airfreight and ship carriers. The Mantis warehouse management software directs the loading of trucks to ensure that the correct goods are loaded onto the right vehicle.

Following the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS, Perfume Unlimited witnessed tangible improvements such as:

  • Faster order fulfillment process
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Better stock visibility
  • Reduced warehouse operational costs
  • Enhanced customer service

“We made an excellent choice by partnering with Mantis to achieve our ambitious goals and satisfy our customers. Mantis‘ extensive knowledge of our industry’s demands, the unique benefits of the flexible and adaptable WMS LVS software, and the exceptional support provided by the Mantis experts were the top three reasons we chose to implement the internationally recognized Mantis WMS in our brand-new distribution center. The positive results we have seen so far confirm our initial decision, and we are looking for new ways to strengthen our collaboration with Mantis.”
Jeetu, Director, Perfume Unlimited

About Perfume Unlimited

Perfume Unlimited LLC is a family-owned business committed to enhancing the quality of life by unleashing the power of fragrance. Founded in 2007, the company deals in luxurious products and ensures that they are available to shoppers at competitive prices. Its main activities include supplying retail chains, hypermarkets, and trading companies, as well as importing and exporting to international markets, organizing large-scale events for customers, and distributing products in the UAE. Perfume Unlimited serves more than 75 countries worldwide.