Mantis Services

The successful realization of a logistics information system project requires quality consulting services. The consultants from Mantis and its authorized partner network are chosen based on their long and sound experience in a multitude of projects in order to provide the following services:

Business Analysis:

  • Record the existing situation and working practices. Perform a requirement analysis to understand processes and identify the areas where the existing logistics processes could be improved.
  • Design the solution entailing modules of LVS, suggest and agree the full solution scope.
  • A series of pre-defined business best practices models employed by multinationals and other top enterprises are available as templates.
  • Prepare the project detailed blueprint and the timeline.

Parameterization, Training and Go-Live Support Services:

  • Parameterization and if needed customization of LVS to the specific needs of the customer (according to the agreed blueprint).
  • Installation of the software (local, central, hosting).
  • Support customer in the initialization and population of system’s data including the interface with 3rd party IT systems (ERP, MRP, etc).
  • Standard courses and hands-on training of system’s users and administrator(s).
  • Comprehensive support during system testing and in going live.

On Going Maintenance and Technical Support Services:

  • Software maintenance and new releases.
  • Technical support (hotline, e-mail, remote and on-site).