Orbico and Mantis strengthen their partnership in Poland

Orbico Group, a leading European distributor, is strengthening its international partnership with Mantis in Orbico Supply Poland by implementing the award-winning Logistics Vision Suite at its new Logistics Center near Warsaw.

September 6, 2022

In its newly constructed Logistics Center near Warsaw, Orbico Supply Poland consolidated the warehousing processes of its four subsidiaries (Orbico Beauty, Orbico Style, Orbico Salon Professional and NAVO) with 3PL contract logistics services offered to external customers, achieving significant decrease of operational costs. The company opted for Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) to manage and optimize these unified warehouse operations for B2B, B2C and e-Commerce channels within the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Orbico Supply Poland is a distributor of a wide range of global brands, covering a variety of market sectors such as Cosmetics, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages (HoReCa), Toys, etc.

Orbico Supply Poland as a 3PL provider covers a wide spectrum of services including warehousing (also for dangerous goods), co-packing, distribution and transport in the overall region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Orbico considering the already strong and successful partnership with Mantis, decided to implement Mantis’ LVS, award-winning WMS in combination with material handling equipment so to achieve its operational goals.

This new project is the culmination of the long-lasting strategic partnership between Orbico and Mantis. LVS has been already implemented in several of the Group’s European countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, etc.

In this new Distribution Center, LVS manages and optimizes all warehouse operations including X-Docking, Multi-Depositors, co-packing, order pre-cubing, dangerous goods, parcel management and integration with several carriers, resulting to a significant increase of productivity and efficiency. To improve the picking rates, Mantis team implemented Aggregated picking. Consolidation was also implemented for goods receipt and storage as well as for orders coming from both manual and automated areas of the warehouse. Using Mantis LVS’s outstanding upgradability and fast onboarding of new clients / depositors, Orbico Supply Polandoptimized its logistics processes resulting to a high service level offering to its customers.

The expertise of Mantis, was proven a key factor for the success of the project especially integrating LVS with a great variety of Material Handling equipment such as shuttle system, Goods-To-Man stations, conveyors, dispatch ramps, etc.

Shortly after the system’s go live, Orbico Supply Poland started achieving significant operational benefits, such as:

  • Increase in warehouse productivity
  • Premium order accuracy
  • Reduction of planning costs
  • Excellent customer service

“We maintain a strong and long-lasting business relationship with our WMS vendor, Mantis, who is our strategic partner for deploying technology innovation in our warehouse operations. After a series of successful implementations of the Mantis WMS at many of our Logistics Centers all over Europe, there is no doubt about its unique competitive advantages of adaptability and scalability which we exploit once more now in our centralized Logistics Center in Poland.”
Piotr Sędziak, Supply Director, Orbico Group

“Over the years we have forged a strategic partnership, by continuously enabling Orbico to fulfill its ambitious plans to optimize, innovate and automate its Supply Chain operations across all countries. The LVS implementation at Orbico Supply Poland, was our latest successful project of the Mantis WMS, offering extended capabilities and seamless integration with a great variety of Material Handling Equipment.”
Nikos Silivestros, EMEA BU Director, Mantis

About Orbico Supply Poland

Orbico Supply Poland is branch of Orbico Poland, a part of Orbico Group, an international Group that is present in 20 European countries, providing viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions. Orbico’s business area stretches from the Baltic to the Black Sea, which allows the Group to combine synergies and international experience with a strong concentration and intense presence in local markets. Orbico Polandspecializes in 3PL contract logistics, distribution and coordination services, reaching over one hundred major retail chains in the country, along with several thousand independent points of sale. Orbico Poland is a 3PL provider and major European distributor of well-known global brands, covering a wide range of categories such as body care, cosmetics, household chemicals, food products, small appliances, professional chemistry (HoReCa channel), and toys.