Omonia Trans, a historic 3PL in Greece, meets perfect order fulfillment with Mantis WMS LVS

Mantis announces that Omonia Trans, a historic international transport and logistics company specialized in Fashion Logistics, implemented WMS LVS to exceed its customers’ new and evolving demands in the COVID-19 era.

March 14, 2022

Omonia Trans achieves fast, perfect, and flawless order fulfillment because of its recent strategic partnership with the international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor Mantis. The company takes advantage of Mantis Warehouse Management System (WMS) Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) unique benefits of true adaptability and flexibility to offer a premium but also cost-effective customer experience to its clients / depositors who represent popular brands in the fashion, apparel footwear and accessories industry, cosmetics, temperature-controlled products, high-value merchandise, and other dynamic sectors.

Omonia Trans, one of the strongest 3PL and transport players in the Greek market and a pioneer in Fashion Logistics services was established in 1979 in Athens. The company needed to assure stock availability, top apparel management, order accuracy and even higher speed for its clients / depositors who face seasonality challenge and large-scale fluctuations both at supply and demand site under the existing volatile market environment.

Traditionally investing in technological innovation, the company was in research for the best-of-breed WMS, ready to deliver uncompromised quality and high value. The management team of Omonia Trans opted for Mantis WMS LVS due to its advanced functionality which guarantees inventory transparency, stock attributes adapted to the fashion industry such as size, color etc., full traceability, faster order execution, elimination of picking errors, an impressive increase of warehouse productivity and radical cost-reduction.

Mantis WMS LVS is deployed at the privately-owned warehouse facilities of Omonia Trans with a total capacity of 8,000 sq.m. of covered storage space, which serves as a Logistics Hub for the local and international market.

“We focus on the customization of our logistics and transport services, aiming at offering an excellent customer experience, unique for each one of our clients. By inaugurating our strategic collaboration with Mantis, we made the necessary step forward to empower our dominant presence in the market through WMS innovation.”
Panagiotis Theodorou, IT & Logistics Manager, Omonia Trans

About Omonia Trans

Omonia Trans, founded 42 years ago, offers international freight transport services to and from most European countries and 3rd Party value-added logistics services. The company is specialized in Fashion Logisticsservices and provides customized solutions “from sheep to shop”. It is also very active in the industries of cosmetics, chemicals and high-value merchandise, etc. The company also offers supply chain consulting and custom clearance services. With key competitive advantages, the crucial position of its facilities, its reliable specialist correspondents in Europe in 25+ countries and the specialized staff of 60+ people, Omonia Trans is committed to the coordination of the entire supply chain from end-to-end.