Ziylan Group, the biggest shoe retailer in Turkey, rely on Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite for its retail operations

Ziylan Group, established in 1960, gained a great momentum by launching the “shoe market” concept in Turkey named “FLO”, in 2001. Ziylan Group has more than 400 stores across Turkey today and it has more than 50 stores internationally. The company sells 45 million pairs of shoes annually. Ziylan has a mid-term target to reach 1,000 stores globally and 60 million pairs annual sales while expanding its retail in Europe and the rest of the world.

A great part of Ziylan Group logistics operations is run by Horoz Lojistik. Horoz Lojistik provides the highest quality of logistics utilizing Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

Optimized Traceability and EPR to WMS advanced interfacing are two very crucial aspects for Ziylan Group. Each product must be traced from warehouse to selling points in detail, while retail stores management and stock accuracy are imperative for the company.

Ziylan Group needed a leading WMS solution and a leading 3PL to cover all its needs and Logistics Vision Suite with Horoz Lojistik is the ideal combination for them.

The project was successfully implemented by Mantis Turkey and Horoz Lojistik‘s IT teams.

Horoz Lojistik‘s project responsible Software Support Manager Mr. Engin Yavuz says “We have done all the implementation process without needing any 3rd party software, because of the integration and automatic job scheduling capabilities of LVS. The cross-docking processes have been successfully implemented in the project. By this way we can lower the storage costs as well as increase the picking performance. At the same time, receiving and cross-docking processes became much simpler and error-free. Operational reports were designed and included in the system because of the reporting power of LVS.

Thanks to the flexibility of LVS, we have completed the first phase of the total implementation process in just in 3 weeks.”