Mantis launches cooperation with Universities in Turkey

Yeditepe University is one of the most respectful Turkish Universities, founded in 1996 Istanbul. Currently, Yeditepe University carries out its academic activities in 13 faculties, 77 Bachelor’s Degree programs. Besides, postgraduate education is conducted in 83 Master’s Degree programs and 43 Doctoral Degree programs. With these numbers and more, Yeditepe University claims to be the largest of the 27 foundation universities in Turkey.

Yeditepe University well aware of Logistics Sector’s role in future business environment has started undergraduate program in Logistics and Transportation in 2001. The Department of International Logistics and Transportation uses its close connections with the leading firms educating its students and creating a curriculum that’s constantly updated in line with the latest sectoral experiences and developments.

The leader WMS vendor of the region Mantis Informatics is always ready to support young talents. In this direction Mantis didn’t hesitate to cooperate with Yeditepe University. “As a result of Mantis philosophy, we need to have a proactive approach to help future generations, support students to enhance their knowledge and skills about our sector. By this way we enlarge their vision about possible career opportunities also.”
Emir Yazıcı, Sales Executive, Mantis Turkey.

Mantis members shared their experience and product features at the lesson ATR 488 – Intelligent Logistics Systems Planning. Questions of the students about the company, product and career opportunities were answered at the end of the lesson.

Mantis contributed to the understanding of the needs and benefits of a warehouse management system by sharing its product capabilities and experience with the students. For this reason, we would like to thank Teaching Assistant Mrs. Özgü Çepeloğlu and Mr. Emir Yazıcı from Mantis company.”
Prof. Dr. Erkut Akkartal, Faculty of Commerce Department of International Logistics and Transportation, Yeditepe University.