Yaad Pirzul, a leading distributor of Home and Furniture Accessories in Israel, selected Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite

Yaad Pirzul imports and distributes thousands of home and furniture appliances in Israel. The company maintains a large and effective distribution fleet, sales agents and technical experts to provide full service and efficient support to its customers. Consisting on more than 5,000 sq.m., Yaad Pirzul‘s logistic center and DCs are located in Tel Aviv and in Haifa, allowing immediate supply to Yaad Pirzul‘s customers.

The company recently agreed with Mantis Israel to implement MantisWarehouse Vision, the WMS arm of Mantis’ Logistic Vision Suite (LVS). The system will be utilized to manage more than 30,000 SKUs in Yaad Pirzul‘s central warehouse in Tel-Aviv. Besides other modules, Yaad Pirzul will use Mantis Visual Warehouse Manager module to allow fast and friendly view of the stock and actions executed throughout the warehouse floor. This ability will allow taking right decisions in short time periods without the need to perform extended analysis efforts.

Implementation of LVS / Warehouse Vision is another step in establishing Yaad Pirzul as a leader in the home appliances and furniture market in Israel. The system is expected to optimize the storage and improve the productivity of the workforce, which will in turn reduce the total cost of operation and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Yaad Pirzul‘s Warehouse Vision project implementation is Mantis Israel‘s first self-sustained implementation in Israel. Executed by Mantis Israel local consulting resources supported by Mantis International Support Center, the implementation and support of projects in Israel is superior, allowing short response time and communication in the Hebrew language.

Yadd Pirzul is added to the ever growing list of successful project implementations of Mantis’ LVS in Israel that among else includes Hacarem spirits, Globus and UPS.