X-KOM, one of the most popular Omni-channel retailers in Poland, relies on Mantis solutions to optimize its logistics e-fulfillment operations

X-KOM is one of the most popular Polish omni-channel retailers and one of the top sellers of computers and accessories and other electronic goods, operating in Poland since year 2002.

X-KOM is operating both through internet (e-commerce) and several retail stores across the whole country. The company supports its logistics operations through a number of warehouses while at the same time provides its affiliated companies of the group with 3rd party logistics services.

The increasing number of orders and the need to improve the efficiency of its warehousing operations was for X-KOM the most important reason for its decision to implement an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The requirements for such implementation were quite sophisticated. The solution to be selected should be able to cover the needs of the existing manual warehouses as well as future plans for the introduction of material handling automation. Furthermore the solution should be able to support multiple depositors in an Omni-channel environment.

In order to fulfil its requirements, X-KOM selected and implemented the WMS solution of Mantis‘ leading Logistics Vision Suite.

The result was a 30% increase in order processing productivity. This was achieved by adapting Mantis‘ solution to support the reengineering of certain critical warehousing processes as well as the optimal use of storage space and the improvement of the warehousing workflow.

The solution allows X-KOM to reduce its logistics operation costs while at the same time improving its customer service level.

Following this successful project, Mantis is now a key participant in X-KOM‘s endeavor to further automating and optimizing its warehousing and distribution operations.

“The collaboration with a logistics software supplier requires a long-term commitment. The most important criterion in selecting such supplier is that he will understand and support customer’s requirements and business processes not only during the initial implementation phase but also after it by continuously adapting the solution to the always evolving customer needs. For a dynamic and fast-growing company like X-KOM the continuous re-engineering of its logistics processes is the key to success. This was the main reason we decided to go with Mantis.”

Mateusz Kapusta, Managing Director, X-KOM