Wissmann Group, Israel’s largest furniture logistics center opted for Mantis LVS to optimize its new DC

Wissmann Group was founded in Jerusalem, Israel in 1932, by Leo Wissmann, an artist carpenter immigrated to Israel from Germany.

The company which started in a small workshop has developed over the years from production of personal, prestige for local customers in Jerusalem, to a nationwide, innovated, effective, high-quality and fast-moving enterprise.

Wissmann group offers furniture solutions for the entire home-fashion Israeli market, through B2B and B2C activities and by several leading brands such Shomrat Hazorea, Hin Harod, Miskal and more.

The expansion of the company has required the building and operation of a brand-new distribution center in Bar-Lev Industrial Park with capacity of 7,700 square meters for the consolidation of the products traded by the group.

With the new Distribution Center occurred the need for a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the management and optimization of all warehouse operations and processes.

After an extensive survey of the available solutions in the Israeli market Wissmann Group has opted to implement Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite that was supplied and implemented by Mantis‘s valued partner Complete Business Solutions.

Wissmann Group based its choice on the flexibility and the adaptability of Mantis LVS as well as its expandability that satisfies all future needs of the ever-expanding Group.

Today the system is up and running to the full satisfaction of Wissmann Group. Mantis representatives recently visited the new Distribution Center and were impressed by the efficiency of the operations.

“Not in every implementation project we can smile at the beginning of the project but also at the end of it.”
Kfir Wissmann, CIO of Wissmann Group.

“The implementation was very challenging because the project took place during the construction of the new logistic center of Wissmann Group. The users needed to decide about new processes that are on the paper at that time. By using the strong capabilities of the solution in designing and quick deployment, we could give the customer the best solution in a short timeline.”
Avi Steinhof, VP Sales, Complete.

“It is not our first implementation in the vertical of furniture in Israel, but it is certainly the biggest and the most complex one, due to the size of Wissmann Group and the different channels to the market that render logistics operations demanding and demand customer service and efficiency. It is always a great pleasure to see a successful implementation, especially one delivered by our partner Complete.”
Faidon Daskopoulos, EMEA Director, Mantis.