Trofelia Goods and Beverages Distributor in Greece selected Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Trofelia is active in the field of commerce, representation and distribution of food and beverages in Northern Greece based in Salonica. Trofelia acts as a connecting link, undertaking to represent and sell / distribute products of some of the best-known Greek producers.

Smaller and larger retail outlets and restaurants, cafés etc. also trust the company with their supply and organization. Through its flexible distribution network, the company is able to serve Salonica and the surrounding region, as well as neighboring prefectures and the Macedonian region, directly and effectively!

Trofelia is fully oriented to the contemporary world, with a total commitment to technology and its uses. The company’s people are highly trained and equipped with the highest level of professional knowledge, allowing them to stay abreast of all the latest trends in the food sector in both local and global markets.

As a contemporary company Trofelia in its early stages realized the need for a contemporary and sophisticated Warehouse Management (WMS) and Distribution System.

Having as lead its contemporary and sophisticated needs, Trofelia has chosen Mantis and Logistic Vision Suite to run their distribution network and their warehouse management.

The special demands in the food industry and the strict directives in the matters of storing and transporting food goods, along with the reliability and know-how of Mantis is what led Trofelia to make the specific choice.

The project was implemented by Logistic, Mantis partner in Greece.