Tarpan a major coffee distributor entrusted Logistics Vision Suite for its operations in Russia

Tarpan is a big distributor of tea and coffee production. The range of production includes more than 3,000 different items. The company cooperates with the biggest retail chains, like Auchan, Karusel, Stockmann and other.

Tarpan is customer-oriented, it aims to high quality service, logistics, partner trainings etc.

The company operates in a class A warehouse covering 6,000 sq.m., with shelf and floor storage goods, special zone use, classical scheme of receiving, placing, reserving, replenishment, picking, shipment of goods.

In 2016 Tarpan decided to perform analyze and audit its warehouse activities with aim to optimize its warehouse business-process and increase labor productivity. Based on the results of this analysis, recommendations and areas of improvement were proposed and mandated the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Tarpan selected Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis as it offers a robust, scalable and flexible solution that will improve the efficiency and productivity in the warehouse operations per their optimization analysis.

The project was implemented by ant Technologies Mantis‘ partner in Russia.

“The current processing technologies did not give the desired performance, so we thought about the need to automate the work of the warehouse. We started the planned changes with a logistics audit, which showed that you can achieve the desired results only with the use of specialized software. The selected Warehouse Management System Logistics Vision Suite shows excellent results in operation in our warehouse. Thanks to properly configured processes in the system, we save significant time executing warehouse operations. We can guarantee the provision of high-quality service to our customers, as Logistics Vision Suite controls all operations, reducing potential staff errors to zero.”
Alexander Lisichenko, Executive Director, Tarpan