SST Group in Russia, the top worldwide provider of heating cable solutions, selected Logistics Vision Suite to control its operations

SST Group, founded in 1991, is the largest in Russia one of top 3 worldwide, providers of residential and commercial heating cable solutions and industrial heat tracing systems. SST products and solutions are distributed throughout Russia and exported to over 47 countries worldwide. SST Group provides customers and partners with high services and innovation products.

The main requirement from a Warehouse Management System (WMS) was to manage all warehouses including the in-production cycle, beginning from inbound components, half-finished goods and finishing the shipment of goods. It was necessary to organize the control of all production as serial numbers in warehouse and production.

Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis was chosen to automate SST Group‘s warehouses. The application has been used successfully in logistic companies more than for 20 years. Logistics Vision Suite is a high-performance and flexible system, running by different schemes of handling goods, tasks, work techniques, specific demands and many more.

The features of this WMS implementation were customer-specific settings as an accounting of various warehouses, business-processes, processing algorithms, materials and types of packing.

Logistics Vision Suite has a high-powered analytical functional. The base configuration consists of many reports which were adapted according to specific tasks of clients.

Logistics Vision Suite was integrated with customers’ accounting system Galaktica-ERP.

The implementation was performed by ant Technologies Mantis’ partner in Russia with long experience in Logistics Vision Suite implementations.