Śnieżka, a leading manufacturer of paints and varnishes in Poland, selected Mantis’ Warehouse Vision

In order to streamline its warehouse processes, Śnieżka (FFiL Śnieżka SA), a leading Polish manufacturer of paints and varnishes, decided to implement Warehouse Vision, the WMS arm of MantisLogistics Vision Suite.

Śnieżka, which started operating in Poland in 1984, is the only one of the country’s biggest paint manufacturers, which has developed its business without the support of foreign capital and is listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Today, the company employees more than 500 people and produces annually approximately 70 million liters of a variety of chemical products used in the construction industry in Poland and other countries. Śnieżka‘s portfolio includes renowned brands, valued by the end customers, such as Śnieżka, Magnat, Vidaron, Foveo Tech.

The international business development strategy of Śnieżka is to strengthen its market position in the countries it already has presence (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Moldavia) and in the long-term to expand in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe in order to become a leader in the region. Finally the company also plans to increase its presence in Germany, Slovakia and other West European countries.

The corporate contract signed between Śnieżka and Mantis Polska includes the deployment of Warehouse Vision to all of Śnieżka‘s warehouse facilities in Poland and other countries, starting with the high – storage warehouse in Śnieżka‘s factory in Ukraine.