SLG the top 3PL in Russia once again opted for Logistics Vision Suite for its e-commerce clients

Smart Logistic Group (SLG), Russia‘s largest logistics company, provides logistics and customs services: logistics, customs clearance, custody of goods (maintenance responsibility), storage (warehouse logistics), electronic declaration as well as a wide range of other business services.

SLG is the winner of the “Logistics Operator of Russia” in 2007 and 2008. Registered in the Russian Chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurs and organizations, financial and economic situation which indicates their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial activity in the Russian Federation and abroad.

SLG implements its own large-scale network project in the Russian Federation, under the same brand, to provide a full package of logistics services from a single 3PL operator.

As part of the development of fulfillment services, SLG has launched a service for the fulfilment of its e-commerce, base-client named “Homeware“. For “Homeware” it manages an assortment of over 180,000 items, fulfilling up to 1,500 orders per day.

The warehouse of the online store is characterized by a wide assortment, high turnover of commodity items, oversized goods, and a variety of packaging. Features of the e-commerce business resulted to changes in the warehouse operations, where the optimization of business processes and the introduction of a Warehouse Management Software became an urgent need.

SLG opted in favor of Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its true adaptability and unbeatable flexibility. As part of the optimization of SLG’s processes, LVS was adapted by ant-technologies, Mantis only partner in Russia, to manage the intensive turnover and to optimize the uninterrupted operation of online stores of any specialization.

The fulfillment services of LVS were implemented by SLG IT team ensuring this way complete transparency. LVSoffered full traceability and returns management satisfying this way, an integral and significant component of e-commerce logistics. Packed orders are sorted by route and shopping mall whilst the process of weighing goods was automated.

As SLG required Logistics Vision Suite was fully integrated with the online store system. An automated data exchange has been set up with reports and notifications for all stages and statuses through the warehouse. The processes of collection, storage, shipment, disbanding of kits are controlled by the Kitting module, which implements the function of printing documents and labels from radio terminals. Shipment of goods from the warehouse is carried out through courier services or Russian Post.

SLG, which already has extensive experience in organizing the work of the warehouse under the control of Logistics Vision Suite, speaks about the capabilities of the system:

“One of the key factors for the success of the project is to use the capabilities presented in Logistics Vision Suite. The system is adaptive and allows you to flexibly implement settings for complex and multifaceted tasks, both relevant and promising, including E-commerce projects.”