Secom in Romania manages its stocks for e-commerce with Logistic Vision Suite by Mantis

Secom is a Romanian company specialized in importing, promoting and e-commerce of natural products for health and beauty. It imports about 300 products from different brands from the United States, Canada and Taiwan, and distributes them through an e-shop, 8 stores and 6,000 pharmacies.

Secom demonstrated consistent performance in providing the most effective solutions customized integrative medicine. Now it comes to guarantee performance and new range of plant-dermatocosmetics, offering consultancy services in the field of natural beauty with the same dedication, empathy and expertise so far.

Secom‘s plans to expand their store network imposed the need for a more efficient inventory and goods management system, and therefore the acquisition of a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS). The company needed a WMS that would integrate with their existing ERP namely SeniorERP and that could effectively manage their warehouse workflows, their inventory and all the e-commerce business processes.

They decided to implement Logistics Vision Suite since it is seamlessly integrated with SeniorERP, adapts to all their current requirements and scales up with their future needs.

Secom has implemented Logistic Vision Suite by Mantis in order to manage in an integrated manner their merchandise, warehouse workflows and e-commerce related business processes.

The implementation of Logistics Vision Suite in Secom has increased the efficiency of replenishment, storage and sales order preparation activities. Thus, the company managed to ensure a positive cash flow by unlocking money invested in stocks. Also, the orders delivery time has been reduced by sourcing the right mix of products, the orders being fulfilled in a timely manner and in a single delivery.

The daily orders received from customers are sent from SeniorERP directly to the warehouse in Logistics Vision Suite. Here, the employees quickly identify the goods by scanning the bar codes attached to products in the warehouse and then, the collected products reach the delivery area where they are packaged, labeled and scanned again to ensure there are no errors. In addition, besides the optimized workflows, Logistics Vision Suite provides reports that allow Secom managers to track indicators such as employee productivity in the warehouse, order processing or the status of the picking activities.

The integration of Logistics Vision Suite with SeniorERP allows all data relating to the company`s activities: stocks, financial data, sales campaigns, to be correlated and available for analysis. Furthermore, real-time access to information is ensured by SeniorVisualBI.

“There were situations when the stock was not well correlated with the sales and promotion campaigns, and the process of preparing the orders for the clients was difficult and had errors. These factors have led us to implement Logistics Vision Suite, which helped us to avoid the over – or under – storing of goods, to considerably reduce the number of errors while processing orders, to improve the visibility over the activities within the warehouse and, last but not least, to have a positive cash flow.”

Lucia Costea, Managing Partner, Secom