Rusak, an expert of comprehensive customs services in Poland implements Mantis Logistics Vision Suite in its new warehouse

Rusak Business Services is one of the leaders in the field of customs services in the Polish market. Nearly 30 years of experience in foreign trade has enabled the Broker to build a reliable team of experts and develop business partner relations with the largest Polish and international companies.

Rusak Business Services focuses on two main areas: customs outsourcing and trade compliance. The professionalism and credibility of Rusak are confirmed by the AEO certificate as well as the implemented quality system according to ISO standards. The company has more than 20 customs agency branches across Poland, it supports customs and tax warehouses as well as a number of places designated for the simplified customs procedure.

In the context of developing in the sector of Third Party Logistics, Rusak decided to open 3,000 m2 of modern warehouse space in Warsaw’s Annopol. The new warehouse was equipped with the latest generation of equipment in the form of storage racks, forklifts and RF terminals. In terms of WMS ((Warehouse Management System) Rusak was looking for the most modern warehouse management software available on the market.

Rusak opted for Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis as their WMS software. In addition to the functionality typical for this high class of solutions, LVS allows full identification of goods in all warehouse processes, including the traceability by batch numbers, carrier SSCC numbers and logging of all operations. LVS can automatically generate reports used for the settlement of the cost of standard logistics services and the cost of additional services that were implemented for Rusak clients.

Mantis LVS enables concurrent service of many clients / depositors and service of the related wide variety of products and meets the requirements for handling excise and cwustoms goods. The initial implementation of LVS took 3 months from the time the contract was signed with the Rusak to the launch of the system.

It is worth mentioning that the timely commissioning of LVS was necessary due to the contracts signed by Rusak partners and the availability of the new warehouse by the construction company.

Due to the great commitment and the effective work of the implementation team of Rusak and Mantis consultants, it was possible to quickly implement LVS and to meet the deadlines set for the system launch with success.

“Automating logistics processes in our warehouses was a priority and a fight against time. Quick implementation was possible due to the structure of LVS and the involvement of design and implementation teams. Therefore, after the analysis, a rapid implementation was accomplished, the first stage of which was completed after less than a month. LVS has a wide selection of modules for management and settlement of logistics operations and optimization of warehouse processes, which allows serving the most demanding customers.”
Paweł Olender, Logistics Manager, Rusak.