Rekah a key pharmaceutical producer and distributor, selected Logistics Vision Suite for its operations in Israel

Rekah is a public pharmaceutical Group traded on the Israel Stock Exchange. The Group owns a number of designated subsidiaries (Vitamed, Ophir, Center-Pharm) which are engaged in the manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Established in 1941, Rekah boasts a long record of pioneer activity in Israel’s pharmaceutical industry, and has amassed vast and diverse experience in the development, production and sale of generic drugs.

As part of the marketing and sales division, the Group runs an independent distribution system that supplies medications, vitamins, paramedical products and cosmetics to 1,000 customers per day in the retail and institutional sector with national distribution.

Rekah owns an extensive fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles that transport the Group’s products to customers across the nation-wide. The division maintains regular contact with its customers through its sales agents and call center staff that maintain daily telephone contact with the customers. The division’s policy is to supply merchandise within 24 hours to most areas across the country.

In January of 2010, Rekah‘s new logistics center was opened in the Modiin Industrial Zone. This logistics center has significantly increased the division’s capacity and its distribution and service capability to the entire country.

Having an increased capacity as well as augmented demand led Rekah to consider the implementation of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would scale to their expandability needs. They needed a WMSwith profound experience of the pharmaceutical sector specifics, with the adaptability to their distribution needs and with extensive traceability.

In 2015 Rekah selected Logistics Vision Suite for its distribution center in Modiin. The implementation of Logistics Vision Suite had to satisfy Rekah‘ needs to deliver highly diverse customer orders within 24 hours, maintaining high level of traceability throughout the process.

Logistics Vision Suite implementation in Rekah included:

  • Customer order splitting to different picking zones (food, pharma, drugs, cosmetics etc) to speed up picking speed per order.
  • More than 4 multiple packages hierarchies’ management per each SKU (for example piece, box, carton, big carton, pallet), to enable accurate stock management, faster transactions and minimize mistakes.
  • Batch management and full traceability from receipt until delivery to the end customer.
  • Value added logistics such as re-packing, sorting and kitting.

The project was implemented by Mantis Israel.