PSB, the largest wholesalers’ network of building materials in Poland chose LVS for its e-commerce warehouse

PSB Group is the largest and fastest growing wholesalers’ network of building materials – home and garden stores – in Poland.

Today, PSB Group owns 302 stores, and under the brand Mrowka (ant) 287 stores and 63 shopping centers. Around 15,000 employees work in these facilities. For several years now, sales are successfully increased through the Mrowka online store, under a wide variety of products such as construction material, insulations, interior furnishing, garden care tools, etc.

Due to the dynamic development of its e-commerce channel, PSB Group decided to expand the existing dedicated warehouse to cover the aforementioned needs.

The storage area has been doubled, a mezzanine with racks has been placed and warehouse automation consisting of conveyors, elevators, sorters and packaging stations has been installed.

PSB Group needed an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) to cover the e-commerce needs of its warehouse. Mantis flagship software Logistics Vision Suite has been selected to handle all the warehouse processes. After the analysis, it took just two months to deliver a prototype which was later expanded in terms of automation and advanced manual processes. The final part of the implementation consisted of tests in the pre-production environment and inventory. Mantis LVS went live in January 2019 and after a few days the warehouse worked completely smoothly.

“The launch of the Mantis WMS went smoothly; the employees quickly mastered the work using RF terminals. LVS by Mantis is easy to use and the user interface is very transparent. Mantis has demonstrated a partnership-based business approach. Special words of recognition should be directed towards implementation consultants for their commitment, operational efficiency and competence.”
Marcin Płatek, e-Commerce manager, PSB business.