PSB Group, the largest wholesaler of building materials in Poland, reaps benefits from using Mantis’ LVSplus system

Polskie Składy Budowlane – PSB with headquarters in Wełecz near Busko – Zdrój has been operating on the market since 15 years.

The group is the largest and fastest growing network of building materials wholesalers and House and Gardenstores in Poland. Currently, the group brings together over 300 small and medium-sized family businesses from across the Poland, which they trade in over 420 construction warehouses, in 147 stores PSB-Mrówka and 17 shopping centers PSB-Profi.

The implementation of MantisLVSplus system by Mantis Polska, has enabled PSB to improve the efficiency of its warehousing processes and significantly increasing its overall productivity by:

  • Minimizing the time required for the execution of the various warehousing tasks that is done by simultaneously assigning several tasks to each warehouse worker according to a number of predefined criteria (e.g. size, weight, etc.).
  • Increasing the utilization of the available warehouse storage space.

Finally, PSB has now the proper tools to build its own reports, forms and labels, so that the final application will exactly match the company’s needs.