Praktik a warehouse complex in Russia manages its activities with Logistics Vision Suite

Praktik group of companies is in the field of production and supply of industrial electrical equipment for more than 25 years. Today, the organization has expanded its range of services and provides partners with new options for business development, namely improved safety and cargo handling costs.

With branches located in 15 of the largest cities of Russia the logistics complex is located in Nizhny Novgorod, has a total area of around 9,000 sq. m., a height of 12.5 m., and a mezzanine area of about 1,000 sq. m. equipped with shelves for storing and sorting goods.

The complex is run by the company OK Logistics as a Logistics Services Provider, offering a variety of professional services for secure storage and cargo-handling.

With the group’s expansion came the need for a Warehouse Management System (WMS) which would cover the requirements of such an automated distribution center for optimized operation and highly professional service.

As shown by audit and analysis of business processes Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis is the best optionto optimize the logistics operations. The main advantages were its extended functionality, providing management of all processes and high flexibility in adapting to customer needs and requirement.

Logistics Vision Suite is widely used in commercial logistics warehouses. Highly popular among Third Party Logistics it has become over the years the standard platform for logistics services.

Praktik relied on ant Technologies, with more than 10 years’ experience and competence in implementing Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

“We are fully satisfied with the functionality of Logistics Vision Suite. Automated control system allows our employees to focus on customers, offering a complete package of logistics services that meet the stated capacity. We have set a number of objectives when introducing Logistics Vision Suite: improved accuracy of cargo-handling operations execution and increased staff productivity. We are pleased to announce that they were all met, thanks to the collaboration with Mantis¬†and ant Technologies.

Boris Alexandrov, Project Manager, OK Logistics