Pharmis, a major Pharma Logistics Service Provider, in Greece, selected Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its flexibility

Pharmis, is a specialized Commerce and Logistics Service Provider in the pharmaceutical field.

Pharmis operates over 4,000 sq. m. of owned warehouse space in Krioneri, Attica. The facilities are GDP-certified and conform to all required world class standards, from the security systems to the Warehouse Management Systems.

The company’s facilities have the capacity to host over 5,000 pallets and include a cold chain specialized area for controlled drugs and temperature sensitive products with a capacity of over 100 pallets.

In compliance with the GDP, access to our warehouses is strictly regulated around the clock by professional security staff.

Environmental conditions are recorded and supervised according to the provisions by specifically trained personnel. Thanks to state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems we can track the history of each product from collection to delivery safely.

The company’s warehouses have top-class material handling equipment managed by experts.

Pharmis needs to optimize their operational processes and therefore they needed to select a high-end Warehouse Management System (WMS) along with specific automations to speeds up their orders.

The company relied on Logistics Vision Suite and Mantis order to optimize their operational processes. Especially for the orders’ collection process, a special pick2cart with embedded scale was designed for full weight control of each order.

Mantis‘ profound expertize in logistics proved a major differentiator for selecting Logistics Vision Suite whilst an equally important reason was the system’s flexibility, in which all the current and future operation processes of Pharmis are incorporated.

The new system is expected to significantly improve the service level towards customers and partners of Pharmis.