Pharmacy295, the number one e-pharmacy in Greece, optimizes its logistics processes with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Pharmacy295 is the leader of the Greek e-pharmacy market and offers a variety of modern services elevating this way the shopping experience of end-customers. Payment flexibility, direct delivery, fast and friendly service, advanced customer reward models and of course reliability and strong social media presence, are only a few drivers, that result to making Pharmacy295 the number one e-pharmacy in Greece!

The increased sales pace, the demands of on-line customers for shorter delivery time as well as the demand for the decrease of delivery errors led Pharmacy295 to decide to optimize its logistics processes by adopting a smart and flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS) Logistics Vision Suite.

Logistics Vision Suite was selected due to its adaptability and completeness, considering the complexity and variety of the e-commerce demands of.

Considering the complexity and variety of the e-commerce demands of the company, Pharmacy295 selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) due to its adaptability and extensiveness.

Mantis know-how gave Pharmacy295 the ability to embody automations and create a modern environment which will take advantage of all relative technologies.

As a result, the new warehouse of Pharmacy295 serves more than 1,000 customers daily. Customer delivery time were optimized while at the same time errors were minimized. Pharmacy295 managed to reduce its costs by using LVS by Mantis. Pharmacy295 improved its services and created a modern supply chain environment which will help the company exploit every business opportunity that occurs in the future.