PAEGAE, a leading logistics services provider in Greece, runs Logistics Vision Suite

PAEGAE, founded in 1907 in Athens, is 100% subsidiary of NBG (National Bank of Greece), but operates independently under the provisions of Greek law.

The company has a total area of ​​105,000 m2 of indoor and 1,100,000 m2 of outdoor space, making it the single largest logistics facility in Greece, having also additionally to the above customs bonded warehouses.

The company offers a comprehensive spectrum of logistics services including among else 3PL services and storage space rental, storage and handling of cars, storage and physical retrieving of archived documents, management and digitizing of records and issuance of financing lien on goods.

The need to standardize the logistics processes, minimize errors during picking / put-away, improve productivity of staff and resources, increased the utilization of storage space and provided full goods traceability, led the company to invest in an advanced WMS covering all its activities.

MantisLogistics Vision software suite (LVS) was selected by the PAEGAE‘s experts after a thorough evaluation of top local and international systems. The system that has been put successfully in operation for several months now enabled the company to achieve all its goals.

Special attention during the implementation of LVS was given to improve the handling of the huge document archives belonging to the NBG group and other organizations (1,500,000 active mortgage loans in 100,000 boxes, other archived docs in 150,000 boxes and 12,000 pallets, administration material stored in 1,100 folders and 50 cartons as well as 500,000 files stored in roller archives). In this context, LVS has also been setup to control a specialized rapid withdrawal system from JUNREIGH that was purchased by PAEGAE in order to support 28,800 storage locations.

PAEGAE‘s wide spectrum of services and especially the automation of handling of the huge physical document archives was a challenge for Mantis. However the unique adaptability of LVS along with the extensive experience of Mantis‘ consultants resulted in an absolute success.”

Argyris Papantonopoulos, Business Development Manager, Mantis Hellas