O.P.S.I. (International Forwarding), UPS’ authorized service contractor in Israel expands its logistics operations based on Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite

Mantis, a leading supplier of extended Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software and solutions in the EMEA region, announced today that its subsidiary in Israel (Mantis Informatics Israel Ltd.) has successfully completed an important extension to the Logistics Vision Suite project in O.P.S.I., UPS‘ authorized service contractor in Israel.

O.P.S.I. is one of the first customers of Mantis in Israel and one of the fastest growing providers of logistics services in Israel. The company relies on Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite for the management and optimization of its everyday logistics operations.

Recently Mantis Israel has completed an extension to the project consisting of implementing the Web platform for UPS as well supporting UPS‘ new client MIRS, which is one of the major mobile operators in Israel.

MantisLogistics Vision Suite was selected for its rich functionality and the ability to support all of UPS‘ logistics needs as well as support the company’s ambitious expansion plans. A vivid attestation of above is the continuous enhancements and new depositors that are coming into the platform. We are committed in supporting UPS in their ambitious expansion plans” announced Mantis International.

Today major depositors managed by LVS are Nikken, Datapool, Tzag, Techno – Rezef, etc.