Ocean Fish processes 12 tons a day with the help of Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Ocean Fish is a leader in production and distribution of a wide variety of fish and seafood products in the Romanian market. Its activities include the production of fish products, repackaging frozen fish and other frozen and fresh fish packaging as well as import and distribution of other food products.

Ocean Fish combines the love for natural and fresh food with modern technology, the whole production processes being made under HACCP system. Ocean Fish cares for details ensuring high quality and perfect control for all the company’s products. In the last 8 years, Ocean Fish has resulted in sales of more than 20 tons per day.

Ocean Fish processes over 12 tons a day using Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis. The largest manufacturer of fish products in Romania has implemented LVS in two warehouses of frozen products, of drive-in type, with a capacity of 5,400 pallets and two classic storage spaces with a capacity of 1,600 pallets.

The main challenge that the Ocean Fish team was facing was to identify the location of goods in the warehouse, although they physically appeared in stock. Now, with Mantis LVS, employees can quickly and accurately find out where the products are whilst the preparation and shipment of orders is done much faster. Thus, Ocean Fish manages to honor 100% of orders, while warehouse managers have true visibility of their stock.

Another benefit obtained from the implementation of LVS was the simplification of the activities flow in the warehouse. Now it is much easier to onboard new employees due to easy training, human errors are eliminated, new employees are now much easier to train, and human errors are eliminated.

LVS is integrated with Senior ERP while Senior is Mantis valued partner in Romania who also was responsible of the LVS sale and implementation to Ocean Fish.

Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis is part of a software solution package that Ocean Fish has invested in over the years. Since 2011, the fish manufacturer continues to choose Senior Software systems, implementing Senior ERP for resource management, a Business Intelligence solution for analysis and reporting and an application for field seller management.

“With the implementation of LVS by Mantis, it is quite easy for our employees to prepare orders. They know from the very beginning which row, level or floor to go to prepare the packages. Thus, we manage to fully honor the orders for which we had stock in storage and to have the highest possible stock accuracy.”
Marius Trieu, CEO, Ocean Fish.