Nireus, a leading aquaculture company in Europe, selects Logistics Vision Suite for its Logistics Operations in Greece

Nireus, founded in 1988, is today one of the biggest Aquaculture companies in Europe and it has its productive facilities in Greece and Spain. Nireus distributes its products in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Nireus’ production facilities include hatcheries, pre-fattening units, on-growing farms, packaging facilities, 1 R&D center, 2 fish feed factories, 1 fish processing factory and 1 aquaculture equipment production unit.

Nireus needed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would comply with its leading position in the market and that would be flexible and scalable to meet the emerging company’s needs.

After a very extensive research Nireus selected Logistics Vision Suite for its supply chain operations, for its production facilities as well as for its warehouse and distribution operations. Logistics Vision Suite was selected because of its adaptability and its completeness taking into consideration the complexity and diversity of aquaculture sector demands.

The particularities of the intense productive and commercial activities of Nireus, such as cold chain, short life cycle etc., as well as the specific regulations, which need to be followed in Greece and abroad, has imposed the use of a flexible WMS that can be deployed and adopted in a fast and easy manner. The goal is to totally cover all the particular needs of the sector in logistics and supply chain processes, to improve all the functional operations in Nireus warehouses and distribution centers and also to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A turn-key system for our needs: “Mantis‘s Logistics Vision Suite has armed us with a full range of software systems and modules that ensure 100% control over our operations. It is a unique software system offering speed, flexibility, and true adaptability. The results are amazing!”
Giannis Zarifis, IT Manager, Nireus.

The project has been implemented by Mantis Greece.