MX Logistic a multi-temperature Logistics Service Provider in Russia run with Logistics Vision Suite

MX Logistic is a logistics operator, provides storing services of frozen goods and is located in Moscow, Pechatniki, YuVAO. This new class A warehouse with a total area of 31,300 sq. m. and covered area 12,800 sq.m., is modernly equipped.

The uniqueness of the logistics complex is the ability to store products in five temperature conditions: from +15oC to -25oC.

MX Logistic warehouse consists of several zones running in different temperature modes, namely, low-temperature, medium, universal camera, mezzanine area, which covers about 1,100 sq.m. The total storage capacity is more than 14,000 pallets.

Τhe complex is equipped with 19 docks, is designed to process more than 4,500 tons of cargo per day. Put into operation in 2014, it is planned to provide a full range of high-quality logistics services, and is equipped with modern high-tech equipment and control systems.

MX Logistic provides a full range of services, from receiving to shipping, storage, cross-docking, handling of returns, etc., and provides the additional services of management of shipments to customers on behalf of its depositors.

The company focuses on the efficient and prompt response to customers’ needs. Due to high customer service needs and to the high requirements for the logistics business processes, the company needed a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS).

MX Logistic made the choice to go with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis and ant Technologies.

Specialized goods receipt and put-away processes were implemented based on storage temperature that is achieved with the use of buffer areas. Goods’ selection and shipment processes are performed in compliance with FEFO, FIFO. Handling variable weight products, with various packaging forms, is managed efficiently.

VNA trucks are used and their software is integrated with Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

LVS manages the automation, assigns tasks, sends the VNA operator to a specified location, while repositioning is performed automatically based on LVS put away algorithms.

With Logistics Vision Suite there is full control over the business processes and stock.

There is also implemented intelligent lighting in all areas: Lights are turned on in the route of the stacker or storekeeper to perform an operation. This was achieved by integrating Logistics Vision Suite and Office light.

Additionally, Yard Management was implemented, managing the processes and means of transportation in the broader area of the warehouse complex.

MX Logistic appreciates Logistics Vision Suite functionality and implementation: “Automation of storage process has made it possible to achieve high speed operation and reduce the influence of human factor. We can always offer high quality services with efficiency and flexibility for all necessary task realization.”

The project was implemented by ant Technologies Mantis‘ partner in Russia.