Mireks, the leading supplier of electro-technical products and materials in Russia’s Far-East region, goes with Logistics Vision Suite and ant Technologies

Mireks group, established in 2003 in Khabarovsk, is the largest supplier of electro-technical products and materials in the Khabarovsk and Primorskiy regions of Russia.

The company, being the official distributor in Russia’s Far-East region of famous Russian and European manufacturers (such as Legrand, Schneider Electric, DKC, Simon, EKF, IEK, Makel, Vi-ko, Navigator, Viromax, Aries, Finder, Comtech and Feron) offers a wide selection of electro-technical products including among else counters, relays, cables, wires, switches and sockets, switches, contactors, transformers, voltage regulators, automatic devices, fuses, lamps, energy saving lamps, lanterns, lamps, heaters, convectors, cable channels, corrugated tubes, cabinets and boxes.

The company’s warehouse, located in Khabarovsk, occupies an area of 3,500 sq.m. used for handling and storing a great variety of electro-technical products. The warehouse operates in different temperature conditions and its operation depends on the change of seasons.

ant Technologies started the implementation of MantisLogistics Vision Suite in 2013. The system was customized for 15 concurrent users, according to specific warehouse topology and special products and materials.

Custom algorithms were implemented to efficiently support the handling of cable products and their special physical properties during the winter. A table-based tight integration between LVS and 1C (Mirek’s accounting-commercial IT system) was also implemented.