Mintikkis Farm achieved high sanitation standards by entrusting Mantis Cyprus for its new Track and Trace application

Mintikkis Farm is engaged in farming, processing and distribution of poultry and eggs as well as the import, sale and distribution of frozen foods such as meats, fish and vegetables. They have their own distribution centre with a state-of-the-art storage / freezer facility, at Marki Area, Nicosia, next to their slaughterhouse.

Mintikkis Farm is a model company covering the catering requirements of hotels, restaurants, taverns, snack-bars, fast food firms, etc., ensuring an exceptional quality throughout the Distribution and Supply chain.

Mintikkis Farm has already experienced the successful results of the implementation of Logistics Vision Suite which covered their even more advanced needs.

The company then ran a new innovative project with Telematics Track and Trace for the company’s Fleet of Delivery Vehicles. The system records temperatures of vehicles’ load areas – 2 each, doors opened as well as the driver of the vehicle. The project was a win-over from competition.

The project involved the use of RFID Technologies – RF Tags on Transport Carts and RFID Reading Gatesso that Fresh Chicken products are tracked and traced as of its production / placement on the Carts, tracking their “journey” in the relative production / warehouse areas and until the product leaves the Transport Cart. Some indicative states are picked to order, went to processing of other chicken products, packaged as frozen etc. The project was implemented by the end of last year.

Mantis Cyprus has provided Mintikkis Farm all the needed hardware and integration with Logistics Vision Suite such as RF Tags, Readers, Antennas, Mounting Bases, Light Stacks, Warning Buzzers, RF Terminal, etc.

Mintikkis Farm and Mantis Cyprus continue their strong cooperation and now a new project is on the go with Pick-by-Voice automations to facilitate their picking actions in refrigeration chambers.