Metro Group Logistics (MGL) Russia goes with Mantis’ Logistics Vision software suite (LVSplus) and ant Technologies

The Russian arm of Metro Group Logistics (MGL) agreed with ant Technologies, Mantis‘ partner in Russia, for the implementation of MantisLogistics Vision software suite (LVSplus) at MGL‘s warehouse complex in Noginsk, Russia.

MGL is the provider of logistics (warehousing and transportation) services for the trading divisions of Metro Group, the German supermarket chain giant (Metro Cash & Carry, Media Markt, etc.).

MGL‘ warehouse complex in Russia is located at the LC warehouses covering a total area of 75,000 sq.m. and including cross-docking and storage warehouses for all types of products such as food and nonfood, deep freeze products, fruit and vegetables, fish and alcoholic products.

According to the project plan, there will be a gradual introduction of MantisLVSplus at all 6 facilities of MGL‘s warehouse complex, starting with the warehouse that operates according to BBxD technology.

Such technology provides distribution planning of an expected incoming flow and merchandise inventory distribution control in case of deficiency and sorting of receivable merchandise inventory directly on shipment routes, excluding storage function.

The system will be then deployed to the rest areas of MGL‘s warehouse complex (frozen products, fish production, fresh vegetables and fruit, etc.).

LVSplusYard Management System (YMS) will be implemented among several other modules during project’s first stage. The YMS, whose latest version features a computerized (re)dialer to automatically notify the stand-by truck drivers, will allow the suppliers to proactively plan their delivery windows.

Within the framework of the project and in order to achieve further productivity improvement, the implementation of LVSplusLogistics-by-Voice voice solution (based on Vocollect‘s technology platform) is planned for a number of warehouse operations.

The total project life cycle is about 18 months and includes deployment of more than 400 LVSplus user licenses.