Maytronics, the Global leader in Robotic Pool Cleaners, runs on LVS by Mantis to optimize their ever-growing operations in Israel

Maytronics, is the Global leader in Robotic Pool Cleaning technology for private and commercial pools covering the broadest range of solutions available by a single company, with a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner for every type of pool of any size and shape.

To support its business, Maytronics decided to invest in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can optimize the ever-growing operations and the demands of the market.

After an extensive WMS selection process, the company decided to implement the Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis (Oct 2015) due to the system flexibility and comprehensive functionality that ensure the support of all the company’s current and future needs.

Maytronics Headquarters is located in Kibbutz, Israel where 2 production lines are operated and it has another site in Dalton, Israel with an additional production line.

The primary need originated from the significant expansion of the raw materials warehouse and the new warehouse handled by VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) rendered the procurement of a WMS necessary to operate and optimize warehouse operations.

The raw materials are divided to:

  • Kanban items (items that are available in the production floor and supplied on request),
  • Spare parts,
  • Items required by the production orders.

Dalton enhanced production capacity with one additional production line. During 2018, Maytronics is adding one extra production line in each factory thus increasing their production capability by 66%.

LVS is operational in Maytronics since 2015 and despite the fact that the project was completed in a brief period of time, the system is continuously evolved and adapted to fulfill the needs of the company.

The system manages raw materials and final products ensuring an end-to-end optimization of the logistics operation of both manufacturing sites.

“We have been working with Mantis several years now. Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) has been our choice because of its functionality and adaptability. These attributes gave us the confidence and the assurance that our growing and changing business is supported today and it will also be supported in the future. The adaptability of the platform and the responsiveness of Manis WMS named LVS has turned the solution into an integral part of our operations and Mantis became a partner and not just a supplier in order to support our plans of growth and competitiveness.”
Nitzan Dor, Operational systems IT Manager, Maytronics