Marvel, distributor of protection masks and safety equipment in Romania gained time and money with Logistics Vision Suite

Marvel SRL was founded in 2001 as an organization aimed at the distribution of specific products – personal protective equipment and PSI. Marvel addresses clients from all fields of activity, selling both products specific to the needs of each consumer and goods with a wide range of applicability. Shortly after the establishment, Marvel was imposed on the market of protective equipment through the quality of the products, the services offered and the professionalism of services.

The products sold have the approval of the Ministry of Labor, CE marking and are being manufactured by important manufacturers: 3M, Ansell, Moldex, Cofra, Sir Safety, Reis, Marigold, Comasec, DuPont, Sioen, Uvex, JSP, Kimberly Clark, Panda, Bicap, Puma, Bata, Lee Cooper.

In 2012 Marvel decided to open an online store and enter the e-commerce era. With the growth of Marvel and their e-commerce came the need to serve their customers better and faster. Hence Marvel decided to invest in a Warehouse Management System.

Marvel decided to opt in for Senior Software, Mantis Valued partner in Romania and Logistics Vision Suite(LVS), Mantis WMS.

With the implementation of LVS, Marvel has optimized its warehouse storage space by 30% and increased order-processing speed.

Moreover, inventory time has been reduced by over 50%, and the training of new employees takes place in just a few days. All these results and many more were obtained using the WMS system for warehouse management, from Senior Software.

Marvel’s improvements in using the WMS system include:

  • Over 50% reduction in inventory times
  • 30% optimization in storage space
  • The ability to train new employees in just a few days, compared to 3-4 months
  • Operational automation – transport documents generation, transfers between managements, etc.
  • Shortened picking routes and order preparation times
  • The possibility of inventory based on product areas and category
  • Quick product identification
  • Increased employee productivity

The Marvel team began working with Senior Software to eliminate logistics problems and warehousing challenges. According to the distributor, it was almost impossible for the employees to memorize the location of products and to prepare orders in due time. The investment in automation led to a considerable improvement in business, positive results being noticed even from the first days after Go Live.

“The benefit we felt immediately after Go Live was the ease with which employees in the warehouse identified products. This, combined with the predetermined routes set together with the Senior Software team, led to more efficient order preparation times and increased employee productivity. Inventory times decreased by at least 50%, and by reorganizing the warehouse, an optimization of space was obtained by at least 30%.”
Bogdan Spatariu, Operations Manager, Marvel.