LCR in Texas USA, decided on Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for Last Mile Terminal Logistics operations

Last Mile Terminal (LMT) a division of Logistics Capital Resources, Inc. is located in a mall and offers a full range of professional logistics services by utilizing store assets to meet and exceed customer expectations with better, faster logistics services at a lower cost. LMT runs advanced technology – based logistics operations that use proven logistics software and automations to support the mall’s retail clients, mall customers, and other regional businesses.

LMT can deliver expedited store orders within 4 to 24 hours or can ship through standard shipping options. LMT terminals help to blend the best of brick and mortar and online businesses with a seamless omnichannel offering.

When in research for a Warehouse Management System, LCR wanted to find a WMS that would be both fast and easy to implement and able the cover all the special needs and versatility of the LMT mall operations.

LCR finally decided on Logistics Vision Suite (WMS) by Mantis for use in its facilities because of the above as well as its outstanding adabtability and for its natively integrated parcel management module which is already integrated with Carriers as UPS, USPS and Fedex.

Last Mile Terminal distribution centers will change the way US retailers ship e-commerce orders, allowing more orders to be shipped directly from brick and mortar locations. The LMT project plan includes buildout of over 100 localized distribution centers throughout the US within the next five years. Logistics Vision Suite was chosen for its flexibility and as a cost-effective application.

“When we started the LMT project, we knew we needed a WMS product that was flexible enough to work with our innovative processes and be cost-effective for one facility or one hundred facilities. Our application called for some out of the box thinking and Mantis showed they were up for the challenge”.
Phil Wulff, CEO, LCR.