Logiscoop the Pharmasists Federation in Greece selects Logistics Vision Suite for all 43 of its warehouses

Logiscoop is the joint company of Federation of Cooperatives of Pharmacists of Greece and therefore it accomplishes to interconnect all their warehouses and associations.

Logiscoop offers 3rd party logistics services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and all the network of all Green Pharmacy network in line with high product quality.

The company’s sales and marketing department provides sales and promotion services providing the cooperating pharmacies and manufacturers market trends, news, offers for all the products distributed to the pharmacies.

Through 43 cooperative pharmaceutical warehouses and their subsidiaries, it immediately corresponds to more than 5,000 pharmacies, representing around 50 % of the Greek market and owns a unique place regarding the commerce points of dispersion, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical products in the Greece state.

Logiscoop needed to run on a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would be extremely adaptable to their complicated needs and that would interconnect all these warehouses.

Having focused experience and knowhow in the healthcare pharmaceutical and cosmetics field, Mantissuccessfully implemented Logistics Vision Suite in Logiscoop.

Logistics Vision Suite fully covers the needs of a pharmaceutical warehouse and its Logistics Services Provision, having specialized management and costing logistics services models, using specialized vectors to measure the supply chain efficiency and leading to its constant improvement.